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How many kinds of capsule coffee system?

How  many kinds of capsule coffee system?


NESPRESSO (Nespresso Coffee Capsule ) is a brand of Nestle's capsule coffee machines and related products. Nespresso in 2011 a total of 16 regular supply of coffee capsules to the customer to choose from. Nespresso market share, high value, can only make coffee drinks.


Dolce gusto: 

Nestle coffee in the Chinese mainland market has introduced a personalized design of the capsule coffee machine - Nestle coffee Dolce Gusto . The coffee machine's capsule system, called the Dolce Gusto Capsule System, allows Dolce Gusto capsules, in addition to coffee, to brew cold drinks, teaspoons and lots of extra drinks.


K cup:

K cup is Green Mountain coffee, is an open platform, so that many companies can produce their own brand of coffee capsules. Only coffee drinks.

Lavazza has two systems, Lavazza Blue and Lavazza Point, which are not compatible with each other. LavazzaBlue is a variant of the Nespresso system that looks similar. Lavazza Point can only be used on Lavazza Point machines.
Lavazza point:

Lavazaa blue:



Basically, only Germans use smaller capsules, the bottom is flat, you can face up

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