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Pod coffee filling sealing machine  

Brief Instruction:
HSP-S Pod coffee filling machine can pack Pod coffee with  a deep drawn pleated paper filter from roll-stock.
Main Working Process for pod configuration:
- Auto Feed the roll fitler paper onto the machine
- Auto top cutting and forming unit
- Servo motor to fill coffee while vibrating, weight around 5-20g ( can be adjust), while filling and Nitrogen flush.
- Automatic Nitrogen flush
- Auto Feed the down part roll fitler paper onto the machine
- Auto top cutting / forming and sealing unit
- Automatic mechanical grasp the finished product to conveyor ( connect to the conveyor)
Technical Parameter:

NO. Model HSP-2 HSP-4 HSP-6
1 Capacity 3500-4000 Cups/hour 8000-9000 Cups/hour 10800-11000 Cups/hour
2 Working station 2lanes 4lanes 6lanes
3 Filling range 0-20grams 0-20grams 0-20grams
4 Filling accuracy ±1.5% ±1.5% ±1.5%
5 Air  pressure / gas consumption ≥0.8Mpa/0.1m² ≥0.8Mpa/0.1m² ≥0.8Mpa/0.1m²
6 Machine size L 4800mm* W2000mm* H2550mm L 4800mm* W2700mm* H2550mm L 5000mm* W2900mm* H2550mm

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