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How to choose coffee

             Coffee has now become an indispensable "life-giving" drink for more and more people. However, many people are often dizzy by the dazzling coffee menu when they enter the cafe. Latte, American, Cappuccino, Caramel Macchiato, Mocha ... There are many choices of coffee, so from the perspective of health and refreshment, how should we choose?

What is the difference in nutrition between coffees?
Coffee on the market is generally divided into two categories:
(1)Pure coffee: it is made from a kind of coffee and then added with water, such as the most common American and Italian condensed;
(2)Mixed coffee (fancy coffee): It is made from a variety of coffee, and then added with milk and water, such as latte, mocha, cappuccino, and caramel macchiato.

         Coffee contains a small amount of fat, protein, sugar, minerals and crude fiber. In addition, it also contains caffeine, chlorogenic acid, tannin and other ingredients. Among them, caffeine can accelerate human metabolism and keep people awake; chlorogenic acid has biological activities such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral.

For American coffee, which has nothing added except coffee and water, it is rich in potassium and a lot of antioxidants

             If milk is added to coffee (such as latte, cappuccino), it will increase the content of nutrients such as calcium and protein, but the exact amount depends on the proportion of milk. Generally, latte in milk Will be higher than cappuccino.
             In addition to milk, some sugar and fat are often added to coffee, such as chocolate sauce and whipped cream in mocha, and caramel in caramel macchiato. These coffees are richer in taste, but Sugar and fat levels have risen, but from a nutritional point of view, they have become even worse.

How to choose the coffee that suits you better?
In addition to taste preferences, sometimes it is best to consider some health factors when drinking coffee. It is recommended to choose from the following 3 aspects:

(1) Choose low sugar and low fat coffee
Some coffee drinks contain a lot of sugar and fat, such as mocha, because the content of sugar and fat will increase a lot by adding chocolate sauce and whipped cream; like caramel macchiato, which is described as a "sweet mark", " The word "caramel" tells us that at least it has a lot of sugar.

Since taking too much sugar and fat can increase the risk of obesity, for those who need to control their weight, it is recommended to avoid this type of coffee and choose a low-calorie American coffee.

(2) Choose milk coffee

From a health perspective, coffee with milk has many benefits, for example, it can compensate for the calcium loss caused by caffeine and oxalic acid in coffee; it can reduce the staining effect of coffee on teeth.
Therefore, if you are worried that drinking coffee will cause calcium loss and yellowing of your teeth, it is recommended to choose coffee with milk, such as latte and cappuccino.

(3) Careful selection of instant coffee
In addition to freshly ground coffee, there are many instant coffees on the market, such as the most common three-in-one instant coffee. Its main ingredient is sugar + ground fat + instant coffee powder + various other food additives.
If you take a closer look at the ingredients list, you can see that sugar and creamer tend to come first, while instant coffee powder comes later. The more you add in the ingredients list, the more sugar you should add.
Looking at the nutrition facts table, you can also find that the sugar content of this instant coffee is indeed not low. For example, the common three-in-one instant coffee below has a sugar content of more than 75%. If you drink 2 sachets a day , The sugar intake accounts for half of the maximum added sugar (50 g / day) per day.
As for creamer, it may contain trans fatty acids. When buying, pay attention to choosing zero trans fatty acids.
In fact, for instant coffee, if you want to drink healthy, the simplest way is to buy instant black coffee powder and drink it with milk.

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