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Advantages of coffee machine

So far, the capsule machine is the simplest and most efficient way to make pure espresso at home, which is also the future development trend.
First, it eliminates the process of selecting high-quality coffee beans and grinding storage, so that you don't have to worry about buying fresh or broken beans, or about not grinding well enough, leading to taste failure.
Second, it eliminates the tedious operation process of Italian coffee machine. With one key, you can taste the mellow and delicious espresso with unique regional flavor.
Third, the history of human coffee extraction is constantly evolving. As a late emerging extraction method, capsule machine has not lost the quality of most street coffee shops. The biggest disadvantage is that the price of the capsule is relatively expensive. The average price of one espresso is 5 yuan. According to the calculation of star dad's super large cup and four American espresso, the capsule of nearly 20 yuan is needed. However, with the improvement of technology and the expansion of market, the price is bound to slow down.
Fourth, compared with other extraction equipment, such as hand washing pot, method pressing pot and mocha pot, the capsule machine can drink a cup of high-quality espresso most conveniently by sacrificing "playability", "appreciation" and "variability", which represents the needs of different market segments, without any advantages or disadvantages.
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