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About the types of masks

After the year, the company launched some new mask products, so Xiaobian also went to learn some relevant knowledge about masks, briefly summarized as follows, to facilitate the purchase of masks, welcome the insiders to correct!

At present, all kinds of masks in the market mainly adopt the national standard / national standard (GB), medical industry standard / line standard (YY), enterprise standard (yzb), and the order of their protection ability is from strong to weak:
1. Medical protective mask

Executive standard: GB / 19083-2010
This kind of mask can not only block 95% aerosol particles (that is, the particle filtration rate PFE ≥ 95%), but also block secretions, blood, body fluids, etc. at the same time, it has higher requirements for permeability.
Front line medical personnel need to wear such masks.
2. Respirator / industrial dust mask
Executive standard: GB / 2626-2006 / 2019
This kind of mask is what we call kn95 / Kn90 mask, which can block 95% / 90% aerosol particles (its PFE test method is the same as that of medical protective mask). But there is no requirement for blood permeability.
It is enough for ordinary people to wear such masks in ordinary scenes.
3. Medical surgical mask
Executive standard: yy0469-2011 (some enterprises mark the enterprise standard because its enterprise standard is higher than the bank standard)
The aerosol particle barrier rate of this kind of respirator is ≥ 30% (and its test method requirements are lower than those of the first two kinds of respirators), but it should be noted that this kind of respirator has higher requirements for anti penetration, the outermost layer is waterproof layer, which has a better protective effect for droplets.
This kind of mask is basically enough for ordinary people to wear in ordinary scenes, and it is more comfortable than kn95 and Kn90.
4. General medical mask
Executive standard: YY / T 0969-2013 (many of these masks adopt the enterprise standard, such as yzb / Xiang 0010-2014, which is higher than the line standard)
This kind of mask has no specific requirements for the barrier rate of aerosol particles, only the bacterial barrier rate.
The protective effect of this kind of respirator is weaker, but it is better to wear it than not. It is better to use this kind of respirator when there is no first three kinds of respirators. Because of the existence of the melt blown filter layer and the surface waterproof layer, the barrier ability to the droplets is still stronger than that of gauze and sponge respirators.
1. We must buy products from regular manufacturers (with production license and product registration number). Now Taobao has a large number of "three no" masks;
2. Wearing a mask does not mean you have no worries. You should wash your hands frequently, and do not go to places with as few people as possible;
3. The mask must be worn correctly and close to the face, otherwise its barrier ability will be greatly reduced;
4. N95 masks, such as 1860 and 9132 of 3M, are American standards, but they also need to pass the test required by GB / 19083-2010;
5. Some masks adopt other standards, such as Taj, which is a group standard of textile business association. The filtration standard is implemented according to GB / 2626-2006, so it is also effective.

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