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Brief introduction and technological process of melt blown cloth production line

The melt blown cloth production line can be used to produce PP, pet and superfine fiber melt blown cloth, which uses polypropylene particles as raw materials, through high-temperature melting, wire spraying, fiber formation, fiber cooling, winding and other processes to manufacture melt blown nonwovens. It has good absorption.
Screw extruder -- > filter -- > metering pump -- > heating system -- > melt blown box -- > mesh forming machine -- > winding
Production process:
The melt blown cloth production line automatically sucks PP into the vacuum feeder and sends it to the screw extruder. The extruder heats and melts PP particles to the liquid state. The compressed air of the blower or air compressor and air storage tank is sent to the air heating tank for heating. The hot air melts into liquid polypropylene material through pressure, which is ejected from the nozzle to form filaments (the nozzle contains hundreds of small holes), and then the filaments are leveled to reach the mesh machine, and then to the winding equipment.
Technical features:
1. The machine is equipped with precision metering pump, screen changer, electrostatic electret, etc. to ensure the quality standard above N95.
2. Extrusion system: high yield and stability;
3. Melt metering pump technology: the specially designed melt metering pump optimizes the feeding process by accurately measuring the pressure before the pump, adjusting the speed of the extruder by using the microcomputer processing, maintaining the pressure stable and orderly providing the logistics, and ensuring the stability of the die extrusion;
4. Extrusion die and spinneret: it is divided into vertical and horizontal structure to make the spunbond non-woven fabric even, strong and air permeable;
5. Winder: flat winder, automatic winder.

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